Friday, September 23, 2011

What is the real name of the pomeranian dog in Blade Trinity and Superman Returns?

Is the pomeranian that Posie Parker has in Superman Returns the same pomeranian that Triple H has in Blade Trinity? Also what are the dog(s) names?|||I know the animal coordinator used for the scene in Blade Trinity was creative animal talents and they have a Pom named Bam Bam listed as well as credits for dogs used in the movie. There is no other Pom listed on their page. I believe that Pac-man is the character name in the movie, not the animals actual name.

Superman Returns uses two poms in the movie and both were handles by the animal coordinator Animal House but I cannot find their listing or credit to get the name of the animals. The closest I could get was the American Humane Society's supervision of the animal scenes and the coordinator is listed there.

It appears that the dogs are not the same ones though.|||I believe they were different dogs but i know that the dog from Blade is named Pac-Man|||Her name is actually Parker Posey, but I don't know the actual answer to your question.

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